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A GIFT TO YOU on this my 53rd birthday: I have learned:

That simplicity is nothing more than living in the present moment or more precisely being the present moment.

That inherent in any creation is the approval for its existence.

That inherent in any problem is its own solution. And it is in the surrendering to the problem, that the solution surrenders itself to our awareness.
By our surrendering, we become a catalyst which excites a shift to balance allowing the shift's flow to transform all in its wake.

Millie Hrdina - On my 53rd birthday - January 14, 1998
The love that I am I share with love that you are.

Millie Hrdina - 03/11/2013 (during morning meditation)
"Persistence is resistance! It is the only form or resistance that works."

Millie Hrdina - 12/20/2013 (This just occurred to me)
"The train track run both directions...."

Millie Hrdina - 01/03/2014 (What I learned today from my puppies)
"It's not about having it; it's about the game of getting what someone else has...sounds a lot like life to me..."


Dutch Babies are Good Food

Waffles are Good Food Also


What I Learned From Harry Potter

A GIFT TO YOU on Valentine's Day 1998
(This poem was inspired by the work of David Whyte and suggested as an exercise in growing awareness by
a new and heartfelt friend, Jean Halpern Sward)

"It is not enough
To simply sit idly by
Privately dreaming your dream.

What I want to know
Do YOU plant IT'S seed
Inspiring others?
Do you hide in secret aloneness
And the depths of despair?"
                                   Millie Hrdina - February 8, 1998

Each of us inherently have a marvelous gift to share that love which we are with others. We are here to do just that. I invite you to explore you in all your wonder.


Some quotes to contemplate

Jim MacDougal's GIFT to me while delivering the Avatar tools to him

An inspiring poem

The Very Reverend Alan Jones' GIFT to all

Today (3/8/98) I went to church.
No, it is not something I do very often - anymore.
But I heard the words I came for.
Then I knew why I was there.

Have you ever been somewhere wondering "Why???"?
If you look, listen & feel, the answer will soon appear.
So anyway...
This is what I heard:

"Live into the question.
Live in the question until you are living the answer."

My gratitude to The Very Reverend Alan Jones for this answer to a question I have had.


What Do You Want?

What do I want? I want:

To experience a flow of expression
From that deep level of awareness
That has no language.

To do so without fear or doubts of how it will be received.

To allow the flow from within -
As a bird allows it's song in the morning,
Or a baby allows it's laugh when its happy
And it's cry when it hurt,
Or a natural spring allows it's water to bubble up -
Not caring where it flows after it breaks the surface.

To do so without need to protect
Anyone or Anything -
Including Myself.

To accept another's like expression openly
Appreciatively without judgement.

To take it in
Feel the flow of them through me

Millie Hrdina Monday - July 26, 1999


An Expression Saturday - January 1, 2000


My Daily Prayer


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